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Alan Herman is a native New Yorker who graduated with a BFA from The Philadelphia College of Art, and an MFA from Temple University. After graduation he returned to New York and designed a number of award-winning educational films for Encyclopedia Britannica and Learning Corporation of America.

For many years, Alan Herman has been a member of the United Scenic Artists, and has worked as a Production Designer, almost exclusively on television commercials, for products ranging from hair treatment to dog food, and Giorgio Armani to Preparation H. He has conceived, rendered, and supervised the construction of countless sets for numerous leading directors, including: Jim Gartner, Rick Levine, Fabian Baron, Eddie Bianchi, Peter Goldschmidt, Jean-Paul Goude, Steve Horn, Jeff Lovenger, Henry Sandbank, David Steinberg, James Moore, Neil Abramson, Norman Seeff, and Patrick Russell.

During this time, he has continued to make sculpture and paintings, received an NEA grant, and exhibited a fair amount, including seven one-person shows in New York that have been well reviewed by prominent critics, including Roberta Smith, who cited in the New York Times, “…[Mr. Herman’s] works balance the reality of life, with the reality of art, and therein lies their unexpected power.” Also, over the past several years, he has published three volumes of his personal poetry.

Alan Herman’s feature film design work includes “Deadly Hero,” starring James Earl Jones and Don Murray, which critics universally acknowledged for its visual reality.

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